Nicolas Strauli

Nicolas is a graduate student in the Hernandez Lab at UC San Francisco. Early in his graduate career he learned that B-cells (a type of immune cell) mutate their genomes--and undergo a process analogous to evolution by natural selection--in order to generate antibodies that will better bind to pathogens. He has been obsessed with this process ever since. He is also more generally interested in systems where one can observe evolution in real-time, developing statistical methods for time-series datasets, and the quest for an HIV vaccine.


Emily Fryer

Emily is finishing up her B.S. in Ecology at San Francisco State University. She is currently a member of the Dr. Pleuni Penning's CODE lab researching the fitness costs of HIV drug resistance mutations. She loves plants, being outdoors and gaining a better understanding polyploidy in plant evolotion.


Olivia Pham

Olivia is Cellular and Molecular Biology Master's student at San Francisco State University. I think she used to be a cat in a past life.